How a Recession May Affect the Current Market

Jeff Lang June 21, 2022

Worried about an upcoming recession? Here’s how it affects the market.
The housing market has been crazy lately. There are rumors of an upcoming recession and a housing bubble—but what’s really going on? Today I’m going to cover these two topics and explain how it may affect the real estate market.
1. How will the upcoming recession affect the market? A crash like 2008 won’t happen again because we now have tighter lending practices. If there’s an upcoming recession, it won’t likely have a negative impact on the housing market.
2. Are we in a housing bubble? Nearly half of the major markets are overpriced by at least 30%, but in the Bay Area, most parts are overpriced by only 2% to 6%. We are in a very desirable location because of our phenomenal job market and great quality of life.
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