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Jeff Lang June 8, 2022

A few of the ways we can help buyers succeed in this market.
As a buyer, what can you do to increase the odds of getting your offer accepted in this competitive market?
The amount of success that I’ve had helping homebuyers this year is the culmination of the last 20 years of representing buyers in real estate. Year to date, my buyers have had six times the number of accepted offers over the statistical norm. I attribute that to several factors.
For one, my clients trust my opinion and take advantage of my expertise in real estate negotiations. They let me guide them to make the best decisions for their situations.
My partnership with the other party’s representation is also critical to my success. We’re in this together, after all—it’s not an adversarial relationship. Maintaining a professional rapport with the other agent has helped tip the scale in many transactions this year.
“We can come up with a strong, compelling offer that the seller would be hard-pressed to refuse.”
Similarly, it’s key to find out what’s really important to the seller so that you can craft your offer accordingly. Sellers are often looking for specific terms beyond just their asking price; including their desired terms can be the deciding factor in whether your offer is accepted. By keeping in contact with the seller and their agent, we can find out what they’re looking for and sweeten your offer.
Analyzing market data also helps buyers succeed. We can look at what’s been happening in the neighborhood where you’re looking to buy; market data is often neighborhood-specific. The sellers in that area might have their own expectations and ways of thinking about things, so it’s good to understand that ahead of time. This will also help you assess your competition and get a sense of how strong your offer should be.
Putting all these factors together, we can come up with a strong, compelling offer that the seller would be hard-pressed to refuse.
If you have any questions about buying a home or crafting a competitive offer, give me a call or send me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

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