The Evolving Real Estate Market: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Year So Far

Jeff Lang July 13, 2023

Gain valuable insights into the real estate market's performance.
Today, I will delve into the real estate market, discussing what transpired in the first half of the year and what lies ahead for the second half. But before we dive into market analysis, I have an exciting update to share—I have recently joined Compass, the top brokerage in the country. The move offers unparalleled technology, connections with trusted agents, and an array of resources that I will be sharing in future blogs.
During the second quarter, we observed a notable shift in prices. After a year-long decline, prices saw an uptick, though they remain nearly 10% lower than the previous year’s peak. The month of April, in particular, witnessed significant growth, resulting in a spike in prices. Since then, we have experienced a gradual decrease. Notably, homes priced between $1,000,000 and $3,000,000 emerged as the sweet spot, attracting intense competition and often selling above the asking price. Nationally, the National Association of REALTORS® reports that, on average, three offers are received for every home in this price range. However, in our market, these desirable homes often see six to eight offers, underscoring the heightened competition.
The limited inventory continues to shape the market landscape. As we entered July, inventory declined by 25% compared to the previous year. Many sellers are hesitant to enter the market due to higher interest rates, choosing to remain in their homes. Consequently, buyers face fierce competition for the limited available properties.
For a more detailed analysis of San Mateo County, with breakdowns for county and city, click below to check out an awesome flip chart that has all the information you could ask for.
San Mateo County Real Estate July 2023 Report
“As we reflect on the first half of the year and look ahead to the second half, it is clear that the real estate market remains dynamic and competitive.”

Key takeaways for buyers and sellers:

  • Interest rates: The forecast suggests that interest rates will likely remain stable or even experience slight increases in the coming months. Expectations of rate reductions are minimal, with the Federal Reserve anticipated to raise rates in their upcoming meeting.
  • Low inventory: The current low inventory trend is expected to persist. Buyers considering a purchase should act promptly to secure favorable interest rates and make the most of the summer season, which often sees reduced competition due to vacation schedules.
  • Seller’s advantage: If you are a seller contemplating a lifestyle change or have substantial equity in your home, now presents a prime opportunity to sell. With limited competition and a pool of eager buyers, your home is likely to command a premium price.
As we reflect on the first half of the year and look ahead to the second half, it is clear that the real estate market remains dynamic and competitive. Buyers should act swiftly to capitalize on current interest rates and seasonal advantages, while sellers can take advantage of favorable conditions to secure top prices for their homes. For personalized insights into the market or to discuss your individual situation, please reach out to me. I am here to provide guidance and support throughout your real estate journey.

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