Turning a $50K Investment Into a Huge Return!

Jeff Lang August 3, 2022

How we turned our client’s $50K investment into a huge return.
We’re happy to announce one of our team’s big wins! Our client at 225 28th Ave. in San Mateo, California, trusted us with the selling of their property and invested approximately $50,000 to prepare their home for the market. We took on the project management role and did several upgrades with the kitchen, flooring, painting, landscaping, etc. We also staged it from top to bottom to make it even more attractive for buyers.
“We staged the home from top to bottom to make it even more attractive for buyers.”
Initially, we were hoping to get about $1.8 million for the sale of the property, but we ended up selling the home for $2.1 million. That’s $300,000 more than what we hoped to get! The client’s $50,000 investment for the upgrades gave great returns.
We fronted the money for the upgrades and did the project management for them. The client was out of state the entire time, so they didn’t see the property at all during the renovations. All they had to do was receive the check once everything was done!
If you’re interested in this kind of home-selling process, reach out to me by giving me a call or sending an email. I’m happy to have a conversation with you.

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